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A body massage from skilled massage therapists at Tai Ji will leave you feeling uplifted, rejuvenated, relaxed, & serene. Your tired muscles will have better circulation & more oxygenated blood which helps release toxins. Come visit us in our new, comfortable facility, which includes private rooms for a more relaxing experience.


An ionic detox treatment banishes free radicals and toxins from your body. Feet are soaked in warm saline solution and an array, through ionic exchange, draws and cleanses your body of toxins and free radicals.  It is soothing, relaxing and effective.  You can literally see color change in solution as toxins are drawn out.


Massage Lifts Tired Muscles Back To Life!

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About Us

Feel the stress melt away with a therapeutic massage from Tai Ji in Atlanta, Georgia. Our spa offers specialized body and foot massages as well as ionic detox from a staff that is both well-trained and very experienced. A massage from a skilled practitioner will improve your flexibility, restore tired muscles, and relieve fatigue and stress. Massage improves blood circulation, removes toxins, and brings oxygen-rich blood into affected areas. Over the years we have accumulated numerous satisfied clients who are repeat customers. As a result we have opened a larger facility to handle the increased demand. Our welcoming, fully equipped new location includes private rooms for your increased comfort.


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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